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At our company, we are dedicated to providing honest and thorough service and earning your business through hard work. We are committed to handling all of your moving needs from start to finish, local or long distance.

We're dedicated to providing expert home moving services with the highest quality of customer service and will efficiently and safely transport your mobile home with ease. We can move you anywhere within the borders of Kentucky. 

Let us show you how a professional moving service can ease the anxieties that come with moving a manufactured home. Call to schedule your moving date today!  

Setting Foundation for Mobile Home

Prepping to Move Your Manufactured Home

Shutting Off Utilities & Removing Home Features

·         Pack up loose items

o   Dishes, clothing, furniture, should be packed away all the same as you would if you were moving from home to home. We don’t want anything damaged along the ride! Appliances or any other large interior features should be secured. 

·         Shutting off utilities

o   Contact the utility office, whether you live in a mobile home park or township. If you are unsure who your manufactured home utilities are through, we can help you sort that information out!

·         Home features removed

o   Remove window air conditioners, decks and any exterior skirting around the base of the home. Leaving these items on while your manufactured home is being transported is an extreme risk to everyone’s safety. 

Process of Transportation

·         We lift the home off the ground to install axles, a hitch and wheels. This allows a toter to attach and transport the mobile home safely.

·         We use major highways when possible, allowing us to move the mobile home slowly and securely. A guide vehicle is always used as an extra safety measure

·         Once we get on the smaller roads, keep peace of mind that we have experience navigating the hills in order to get your manufactured home on your new plot of land safely.  

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